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Our Capabilities

At Falcon Studio We provide our customers various types of services from paint restoration to alloy wheel treatment. Choose the service you want & we will diliever it to you with full dedication and hard work. And You car will look dazzling as we will be done with it.

Some of our Services Are Mentioned Below.

# Paint Restoration

Falcon Detailing Paint Retoration service is done to remove stubborn impure contaminants from a vehicleís surface and restore its factory finish through a step by step process. It is a 5 step process under which we cure surface level harms like scratches, swirl marks and clear coat haze or those scratches that have gone through the painted surface. For scratch removal, we utilize specialized equipment and effective paint blending to attack the problem and restore your the surface to its factory-delivered lustre. Whether itís a damage from a wash, scrubber or a scratch on your door, fender or even bumper, this service tackles all of them

# Interior Detailing

Interior Deatiling Service takes care of all the interior parts of a car. Even the smallest impurities can have a huge impact on the interior of your vehicle. We Dry Clean it with all the suprior range of products Taht are non-toxic, long-lasting, invisible, odorless, colorless, and minimizes your exposure to spots and harms .Making Your car look like not aged a single day.

With right tools and our specific cleaners/degreasers used to clean the parts, we tend to restore finish and personality of your carís dashboard, side doors and seats.

# Alloy Wheel Treatment

Nothingís worse than those damaged wheels on your vehicle while the rest of it looks fine.

Mud, dirt and grime can stick up to the surface of wheels and give them a worn-out appearance. But through the wheel restoration service, we can restore them for you. Furthermore, itís possible to clean the wheels and restore them to a completely new look.

If men is juged by his shoes a car is juged by its alloyes. With our alloy wheel treatment make you look like a charm.

# Leather Treatment

For many vehicle owners, leather seats are a must-have amenity. Their soft, comfortable feel and luxurious appearance can enhance any driving experience. However, to keep them looking new, leather seats and surfaces require routine care and maintenance.

Thatís why Falcon Detailing studio have optimized the leather seat restoration service for all their leather restoration needs.

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